Canless Air System

Item No. MP101901

Product Overview

The O2 Hurricane-Industrial canless air system is one of the most powerful cordless electronic air dusters on the market and is recommended as a maintenance tool for all product types.

Rapiscan Systems recommends the use of this product as an alternative to canned air (MP075003), due to the absence of associated hazmat shipping restrictions and also the lower long term operational costs.

Product Information

  • Blast of air at over 220 MPH
  • Runs for over 15 mins straight on a full charge
  • Equal to more than 5 cans of compressed air ~ 2500 cans over its typical lifetime
  • Can replace canned air in close to 100% of scenarios
  • Universal plug adapter with standard plug types
  • 3 Piece attachment kit
    • Extra long flexible nozzle
    • 45 degree nozzle
    • Brush attachment

Applicable Product Range

Itemiser (all models), MobileTrace (all models), Hardened MobileTrace, Entryscan

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