Desorber Assembly

Item No. E1000004-R

Product Overview

A replacement desorber assembly for a Hardened MobileTrace.

This item should be used by appropriately trained maintenance personnel in accordance with the instructions provided in the instrument's user guide.

Product Information

  • Automatic trap sensor
  • Nominal temperature range of 242oC to 290oC (mode/idle/sample specific)
  • 14 Pin Molex Connector
  • Locking Ringnut 
  • Shipped in protective container

When disconnecting the desorber:

The desorber contains heater elements that exceed 200oC. Care should be taken when removing and handling the desorber.

Ensure no damage occurs to the the housing or wiring of the 14 pin Molex connector. 

Applicable Product Range 

Hardened MobileTrace

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