Sampling Wand, Packaged

Item No. M1000651

Product Overview

The sampling wand provides an alternative sampling method to hand sampling and enables operators to sample hard-to-reach areas.

It better protects the operator against possible contamination issues and can also help reduce the risk associated with certain sampling applications e.g sharp items in baggage/packages.

Please note that use of the sampling wand is not approved by all regulators for all configurations and applications. 

Product Information

This item comprises of:

M1000541 – Sampling Wand

  • Easy to use retractable sample trap holder
  • Provides 'hands-free' trap insertion for analysis
  • Integrated trap usage counter
  • Length - 371.7 mm
  • Width - 37 mm
  • Height (sample end) - 25mm
  • Main material - Polycarbonate/ABS Alloy

MP103024 – Foam Packaging

MP103025 – White Corrugated Box

MP103026 – Industrial Polybag

Customers wishing to purchase an M1000541 sampling wand must order item number M1000651

    Applicable Product Range

    Itemiser DX, Itemiser 4DN

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